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Sound Gallery Four

Sample sizes have been kept limited affecting quality of sound in some cases (@128khps) to save operational space on this site. These qualities do not reflect on actual recordings received from downloads you buy, as these have all been maximized for best audio results and your ultimate enjoyment at a rate of 256khps @44100. Our intention always remains for us to provide with utmost care to all who use this site.


Mp3 Thought 5-1 /sample: 0.83mb - 0:52
Digital Download: 54.90mb - 59:57
Price: £4.00

Mp3 Traits, Instinct Behaviour 5-1 /sample: .83mb-0:52
Digital Download: 54.90mb - 59:57 Price: £4.00
Mp3 Understanding Vibration 5-2/sample: 1.09mb - 1:11
Digital Download: 54.05mb 59:36 -
Price: £4.00
Mp3 Walk Through Hypnosis 5-3 /sample: 1.04mb - 1:08
Digital Download: 52.06mb - 57:32 Price: £4.00
Mp3 Whose Guide Is It Anyway? 5-4 /sample: 1.11mb - 1:13
Digital Download: 48.15mb - 51:22 Price: £4.00
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