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The Spirit Within

The Spirit Within
The words heard most frequently by people who have read The Spirit Within:

"Even though I have read the Spirit Within, I leave it on my bedside table to bring me comfort when I feel I need it!"

"I read the Spirit Within over and over again - it gives me a sense of wellbeing!"
"I have read many metaphysical books and none have been so simple yet profound in their content!"

"It's such a reasonably priced book; the problem is that you end up buying copies for your friends and family!"

"I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from reading the Spirit Within."

"The Spirit Within changed my whole perspective on life."

Spirit Walks with Gregory


Spirit Walks with Gregory

*What people are saying about Spirit Walks with Gregory:

"I feel empowered, confident and in control of my destiny through reading Spirit Walks with Gregory. An amazing array of subjects discussed to steer me through life."

"Although I no longer fear death since reading Spirit Walks with Gregory, I really hope I don't die for a long time, because I am enjoying my new found inner strength and inspiration through following Gregory's methods of discovering who I am."
"I greet each day with a positive outlook and renewed zest for life, thanks to Spirit Walks with Gregory."

"For once in my life I realize I am a valued and loved individual thanks to Spirit Walks with Gregory."
"I look at myself and my life with new eyes since reading Spirit Walks with Gregory."

"Since reading Spirit Walks with Gregory I have taken back the reins of my life because I have been given the tools with which to access the inner qualities I never knew I had."
"It's incredible how such powerful teachings can be so simply put."

Journeys of the Inner Songbird


Journeys of the Inner Songbird


"I keep my copy of 'Journeys' by my bed, and even after six months I still find it an emotionally charged book, full of wisdom."

"For people on their sacred journey to relate to. I found this by destiny."

"I am touched by the journeys made and understandings reached by Silver Fox, so I want to make my life better by the day in every way."

"Journey of the Inner Songbird transported me back to the days of Silver Fox's life on the earth plane over three hundred years ago. It was a very moving and spiritual book. A gem!

"Silver Fox made me feel special and blessed."

"What a beautiful soul Silver Fox is. I can't wait for his next book."

"It felt as if Silver Fox was talking to me, and I felt humbled by his compassion and sincerity."

Saisae Way

Not yet available - sorry!

Self-Help for Young People

£20.50 as e-book only - release soon!

We often create difficulty in this life simply by forcing young people to behave as we do. This book shows how all can learn for themselves and make up their own minds as to how they wish to think with paths of kindness. This does not mean life without education or structure, rather alternatively treating all with care, respect, understanding and individuality!

This book serves the purpose of helping young people gain identity for each person to learn to define themselves without hatred, fear of dogma, nor lack of love within their emotionally-filled journey. This Is It!