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Sylvie Avery

Sylvie has others welfare at heart and has been that way throughout her life. She has always been into animal care and wellbeing. She holds certification in dog and animal training and for awhile voluntarily worked on behalf of the RSPCA and UK Horse Protection League inspecting Police establishments.

She has been fundamental with her time and energy in the work for others benefits particularly, our client practise over many years whilst we continued to try to help effect change in others.



Mick Avery

I have been helping and wishing to be of service to others for such a long time...I hope some of what you may find on this site helpful to your life path, affecting inner kindness, care and wellbeing toward your own life and those of others you may meet. This life is short. We all have a role to play, and if just some of you are able to recognise those wonderous deep qualities we all must surely possess somewhere in looking through this site, then in recognition, my path would have been worthwhile. Take care, in love and gratitude, your faithful servant.